Alex Bunn

BE Munstead- Entry xxx Section x riding General Willie

September 15, 2017

The start of this challenge I was terrified of jumping due to a freak accident over 20 yrs ago where my horse broke his leg. Now, due to some wonderful trainers and an amazingly generous and genuine horse I find myself enjoying jumping. Something I alway wanted to do again but never thought I would. I am so pleased with how far I have come. I'm almost looking forward to Munstead in September!

Alex is entered into Munstead BE80(T)

Good luck Alex.

Sue Murphy

BE Treborough Hill (2) - Entry xxx Section x riding Who Sez

August 26, 2017

I was too scared to canter in an open field until April, but after numerous clinics and a RC camp, I discovered my 'almost brave' pants!! 
I am absolutely terrified, but Hannah was an inspiration and as I lost both my parents to cancer, my mum very recently, I needed to do something positive and healing. My cross country top was a gift from my mum, so I will be wearing it in her honour and I have already raised loads of money thanks to my wonderful friends and family.

Sue is entered into Treborough Hill (2) BE80(T)

Good luck Sue.

Lucy Walker

BE Dalkeith- Entry xxx Section x riding Kirtle sound wave

August 22, 2017

Lucy is entered into Dalkeith BE80(T)

Good luck Lucy.

Kim Ardron

BE Solihull (2)- Entry xxx Section x riding Blondill Mawra

August 18, 2017

Kim is entered into Solihull (2) BE80(T)

Good luck Kim.

've entered . No going back now , few hiccups like losing a shoe and pulling chunk of is oof off but reshod and seems OK . Training all weekend . Planning our fitness regime

Rebecca Darke

BE Solihull (2)- Entry xxx Section x riding Nadisker AKA Disco Diva

August 18, 2017

Rebecca is entered into Solihull (2) BE80(T)

Good luck Rebecca.

I have been putting my progress on my FB page for all to follow. It is all depending on is ability to get in the water!

Helen Heenan

BE Horseheath- Entry xxx Section x riding Hello Sunshine

August 12, 2017

Helen is entered into Horseheath BE80(T)

Good luck Helen.

This challenge has been amazing for me, the only thing I am sad about is that some beautiful young person had to lose their life to get me to hitch up my brave pants and enjoy my horse and have a go at things I'd only dreamt of! Neither me or my horse have ever competed in anything until this year and I'm amazed what some determination and motivation can do! It has not been easy but I am happy to have been able to raise some money and hope I can do the ride justice for Hannah's family. I am quite quite terrified but now also hoping I don't get balloted out! The fat bird and the cart horse have come a long way!

Margareta Bowker

BE Horseheath- Entry xxx Section x riding Hainton Ruby

August 12, 2017

Margareta is entered into Horseheath BE80(T)

Good luck Margareta.

More than 8 months of schooling and training hard, i couldn't have imagined how how much this challenge would reward us both at the start but it has and we are feeling as ready as we can be; what an amazing journey it's been so far which I feel very proud to be a part of and cannot wait to do it for Hannah, our sponsors and myself! #kickingcancersbutt

Rebecca Williams

BE Horseheath- Entry xxx Section x riding Mrs Belfield

August 12, 2017

Rebecca is entered into Horseheath BE80(T)

Good luck Rebecca.

I am extremely nervous for my first ever BE event but also extremely motivated and so want to complete it. I am blown away by how far everyone has come. This challenge has changed lives and pushed people, including me, further than we ever believed. I am achieving things I never ever thought I would and I am so looking forward to horseheath. Fingers crossed we get in. #rideforhannah #inspiredbyhannah

Penni Jones

BE Calmsden- Entry xxx Section x riding Brynclippin Allspice

July 28, 2017

Penni is entered into Calmsden BE80(T)

Good luck Penni.

Lauren Bowen

BE Calmsden- Entry xxx Section x riding Brynclippin Allspice

July 28, 2017

Lauren is entered into Calmsden BE80(T)

Good luck Lauren.

Amazed at how much confidence I have gained since starting training for this challenge. After being unable to walk for a year after a riding accident my confidence was poor. Hannah inspired me to face my fears and get back into it. I'm even starting to enjoy jumping again, well certainly the smaller heights anyway!
I'm actually sort of looking forward to the 29 th July in a excited/ nervous sort of way!

Josie Pajak

BE Calmsden - Riding Chakiris Clover

July 28, 2017

It's been an incredible journey of highs and lows. I've learned so much in a year and still can't quite believe that I am about to compete in a BE80 competition when a year ago all I had ever done is hack! Really looking forward to it now, despite being incredibly nervous!

Louise Tullet

BE Chilham park- Entry xxx Section x riding Poetry in Motion (Baby)

July 28, 2017

Louise is entered into Chilham park BE80(T)

Good luck Louise.

Tony York

BE Little Downham 2- Entry xxx Section x riding

July 21, 2017

Tony is entered into Little Downham 2 BE80(T)

Good luck Tony.

Tracy Gilkes

BE Little Downham (2)- Entry xxx Section x riding Dolly daydream

July 21, 2017

Scared and excited. Cannot believe from jumping twigs I am going to take my inexperienced horse round an 80.

Tracy is entered into Little Downham (2) BE80(T)

Good luck Tracy.

Seraya Simcoe

BE Northallerton- Entry xxx Section x riding Doxford Chrissy

July 14, 2017

Issy and I successfully completed our second practise run round a BE80 course at Northallerton on Sunday! We did one of our best dressage tests to date, with a score of 32 putting us into 3rd place! Followed by 2 great runs SJ and XC. Unfortunately we were 28 seconds over the optimum time XC which dropped us to 16th place. However last time we were 2mins+ over the time which proves our hard work is starting to pay off and we are progressing! So proud of how far we've come already. Dare I say it, 80cm is starting to look small...! Bring on the BE!!!

Seraya is entered into Northallerton BE80(T)

Good luck Seraya.

Anthony Bennett

BE Northallerton (2)- Entry xxx Section x riding Puddledub Ragamuffin

July 14, 2017


Emma Fisk

BE Bicton- Entry xxx Section x riding Upstart II

July 07, 2017

Completed! See Blog

Kirsty MacDonald-Russell

BE Forgandenny (2)- Entry 265 Section F riding Friday Feeling

July 07, 2017


Maeve Sheridan

BE Forgandenny (2)

July 07, 2017


Stephanie Endersby

BE Forgandenny (2)

July 07, 2017


Sue Cheape

BE Forgandenny (2)

July 07, 2017


Fiona Kerr

BE Forgandenny (2)

July 07, 2017



Mo Heaton

BE Forgandenny (2)- Entry 213 Section E riding Hobo ll

July 07, 2017


Hannah Sinden

BE Twesledown (3) Entry 367, Section H riding Aragon (Rodney)

July 07, 2017

Hannah is entered into Twesledown (3) BE 80(T)

Good luck Hannah.

This has been an incredible challenge! And it really was a CHALLENGE for the first few months of my training; forcing myself to learn to jump when I was terrified of it and felt sick every time I thought about a jump lesson. But now I am loving it, and my horse is glad he's no longer consigned to just dressage competitions! I am so glad the Wobbleberrys came up with this concept, as it has inspired me to do something I would not otherwise have been brave enough to try.

Melanie Gatt

BE Twesledown (3) Entry xxx, Section x riding Craan Bob

July 07, 2017


Emma Ingham

BE Offchurch Bury- Entry xxx Section x riding Magical Marvin (Benny)

July 01, 2017

Emma is entered into Offchurch Bury BE80(T)

Good luck Emma.

Suzanne Campbell

BE Kirriemuir (2)- Entry 352 Section H riding O Rourke

July 01, 2017

Completed (See Blog)

Sarah Houghton

BE Offchurch Bury- Entry xxx Section x riding JitterBug June

July 01, 2017

Hi all,
So me and my little coblet JitterBug June, has entered the BE80t at Offchurch Bury 2/7/17. 
Its is safe to say the nerves are starting to kick in more as it's only 4 weeks away. But we as a team have come a very long way, as this time last year we could only manage walk and trot. Cantering and jumping was out for the question as JuneBug was too weak and couldn't put her legs in the correct places.
But thanks to this challenge we are now jumping heights I only could of only dreamed of and also galloping in open spaces. 

Leanne Pittam

BE Chepstow - Entry 671 Section N riding BOLD MOVE 2

July 01, 2017

Having not jumped for 15 years until I took up the challenge, I have now completed hunter trials and showjumping competitively. Still incredibly nervous about doing the event but feeling more confident that we are capable .

Samantha Fox

BE Eland (2) - Entry xxx Section x riding Spirit of Free Enterprise Sam

June 30, 2017

Thought I would have to cancel my challenge as my young horse who I was going to do it on injured his foot and has been on box rest for almost 10 months now. Decided to try it with my 19yr old boy. Both of us had lost our confidence jumping a couple of years back after a bad fall so I felt sick jumping him again. Well slowly, bit by bit we've been getting our confidence back and so we are just going to go for it!


Samantha is entered into Eland (2) BE80(T)

Good luck Samantha.

Kelly Reynolds

BE Stratford Hills - Entry xxx Section x riding Jasmine x

June 17, 2017

Kelly is entered into Stratford Hills BE80(T)

Good luck Kelly.

Phillipa Compson

BE Warwick Hall - Entry xxx Section x riding Magpie Manor

June 17, 2017

I'm super excited & super nervous as the days tick away and my first EVER BE creeps closer. My belly does cartwheels every time I admit to people I've entered they and they kindly & and enthusiasticly say "we'll come and watch!" One little Phil on my shoulder says, "excellent, you need all the support you can get!", 👼🏼 the other says "that's another person who is going to see you make a right t*t of yourself!" 👹
I'm almost at my fundraising target, but feeling a bit greedy and really want to smash it!!

Helen Charlton

BE Warwick Hall- Entry xxx Section x riding Duke of Ballydally

June 17, 2017

This is my first ever affiliated competition on my lovely school master loan horse Danjoe. Nervous and very excited to be doing this challyand I think I may have the "eventing bug!"

Helen is entered into Warwick Hall BE80(T)

Good luck Helen.

Amanda Ainsworth

BE Stratford Hills - Entry xxx Section x riding xxxx

June 16, 2017

Amanda is entered into Stratford Hills BE80(T)

Good luck Amanda.

Carol Williams

BE Berriwood- Entry xxx Section x riding Ballinvella Larry

June 09, 2017

Did sapey UA today 70 cms as first proper ODE after much training . Managed to get round all 3 phases and enjoyed it ! Berriwood becons 😊 Fund raising going well

Carol is entered into Berriwood BE80(T)

Good luck Carol.

Naomi Wright

BE Ascott Under Wychwood- Entry 704 Section O riding Ballybough Dougie

June 03, 2017

This will be my first event for 22 yrs and will be Dougie's first BE event. After a riding fall I was told by my surgeon 4 yrs ago that I would never ride again. So using Hannah as an inspiration I've got back riding & joined in on the challenge. I have had good preparation so far, had a great BE taster clinic with John Evans in January to start it all off. I need to focus on fitness & XC now.


Paula Bailey

BE Ascott Under Wychwood- Entry xxx Section x riding Skye Ten

June 03, 2017

We've had some ups and downs literally in the last few weeks- he's so fit and fast I've been on the floor three times! And So I was very worried baout my entry and wishing I could change it! However we competed for our riding club at Princethorpe this weekend and came 6th!

Paula is entered into Ascott Under Wycwood BE80(T)

Good luck Paula.

Linda Marriott

BE Pontispool - Entry xxx Section x riding Dunbeggan Minstrel

May 28, 2017

1st ever ODE for pony club mum!

Linda is entered into Pontispool BE80(T)

Good luck Linda.

Carolyn Crumpton

BE Pontispool - Entry xxx Section x riding Immortalty beckons

May 28, 2017

Carolyn is entered into Pontispool BE80(T)

Good luck Carolyn.

Victoria Pearson

BE Pontispool - Entry 722 Section O riding Bounty V

May 28, 2017