The Founder Wobbleberries

 Key Characteristics:

- not currently fit enough to get round a cross country course

- not currently brave enough to get round a cross country course

- old enough to know better, and know that this will hurt!

- dedicated - to raising money, to training, and conquering the fear

- supportive of each other - aiming to be weeble-esque

"we wobble, but we don't fall down".

A shy, elusive creature, the wobbleberry's natural habitat is spectating at BE events, and supporting other riders -

but all this is about to change!!! 

What's a Wobbleberry?!

Julia Godbold and Edward - "An over 50, Happy Hacker, who after 15 years being the pony club mum and all round groom has decided to take on the challenge with Irish Edd. Edward is my daughter's 20 year old first pony who is a special character but likes being the boss!! Between us this Challenge will be 'interesting' but exciting at the same time. Now it's our turn in the start box."

February 2017: Georgie and Sparky (Sparks Will Fly)

After losing the wonderful and utterly irreplaceable Charlie O Kelly in late 2016, Georgie has teamed up with the irrepressible Sparky: 20 going on 4! No hope of having a ‘schoolmaster’ here – shoulders back, heels down, brace and…Ride for Hannah! 


Georgie Horrell and Charlie - "After a brush with cancer two years ago this middle aged unpaid groom and event-driver wants to add another kick to #kickingcancersbutt ! Wheeling the wonderful Charlie-the-Hero (aka Charlie O Kelly) out of his hacking semi-retirement means that at least one in the partnership has an idea about what to do. The other one will be on a wing and a prayer ..."

Sally Barr and Hamish - "an overweight, unfit, middle-aged, weekend wimpy rider that has not left the ground for decades. Hamish (aka Thelwell) was bought as a happy hacker, but now believes himself to be a dressage diva - an Irish cob with an incredibly generous and forgiving nature, such a personality he is adored by all who meet him.  He would like to be sponsored by Polos."

Sam Elms and Blue

This is me and my horse Blue. Technically he won’t be mine until Christmas…yes he will be the best Christmas present ever!  I was ready to hang up my boots until I met Blue.  I had completely lost my confidence when I started riding Blue and much to everyone’s surprise his owner Annie agreed to lend him to me for the Challenge.  I am honoured that she trusts me to have him permanently.    

What can I say about Blue?  He has a lovely character…and I can honestly say that he never puts a foot wrong. He is kind, honest, super keen and is always up for a challenge….which brings me to this…My intention was to be a non-riding “founder” in charge of PR,  but my daughter convinced me that I must lead by example, so here I am - the very definition of a “Wobbleberry” and loving every minute, inspired by Hannah and kicking Cancer’s Butt!