“I signed up initially because I was inspired by Hannah’s bravery, dedication and selflessness along with a desire to support Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony and to feel like a proper rider. But Hannah has not only inspired - she has left a remarkable legacy that is changing lives forever and for better… and not only through the work of her charity. Being a Wobbleberry has turned my riding life and my personal life around. It has given me the incentive and support to face my fears… it has made me stick to a training plan… it has made me a better rider… it has made me a better horse owner… it has NOT made me a better wife… but it has made me achieve things I hardly dared dream possible. And it has made me a LOT of friends… wonderful, inspiring, caring people who I know will be friends for life. Challenge complete, but I’ll be a Wobbleberry for life and will be eventing for as long as the body and the purse can cope!” –   Emma Busk

“The wobbleberry challenge has been the best inspiration for me and Sonny, (neither of us had ever competed before this year!) I have done more in the last 10 months than I could ever have imagined and plan to keep doing more! Day dreams have become a reality. It hasn't been easy but if fat bird and the cart horse can do it then anyone can!
Don't wait for the right time to do the things you want there's never a right time, just hitch up those brave pants and go for it! xx” – Helen Heenan

“I’ve had the most fun year of my riding life doing this challenge!!

 Here are some of the things I’ve learnt...



🌟With the right structured training you can turn a horse with no brakes jumping into a horse who goes double clear in a lovely rhythm (9xs out of 10. The only DC we didn’t get this year was in our actual BE80 - 1 pole Sj and one run out xc 🙈)

🌟I can actually remember Dressage tests really easily now that I’ve been making myself. I was doing BD and always had them called. Now I always learn them and can concentrate far better.

🌟My horse is incredible- at 19 she’s come back into eventing and held my hand. We even discovered she has kissing spines (in June) but she still recovered quickly thanks to a careful rehab plan and went on to complete our challenge in Sept. 🦄🦄

🌟I can actually do whatever I put my mind to. There is no stopping us now.” Jenni Winter

“Don't do it. You'll become an Eventer addict... “ – Rick Lewis

“It’s made me keep pushing myself (well) beyond my comfort zone and get out there in all weathers. I’ve dreamed of doing a BE for years, Hannah and the Willberry Wonderpony Charity gave me the incentive to complete.” – Carolyn MacDonald

“I didn't give it much thought when I signed up. When I started training I realised just how much a happy hacker who hadn't jumped for more than 40 years had to learn- and how unfit I was!
But what a sense of achievement! I would never have graduated from groom to competitor without this challenge. Hannah made it happen for me!” Alex Hall

“I signed up having followed Hannah's progress via her FaceBook posts, and realised that one has to be brave to get on with life in the way that she did, and also, I too lost a daughter. I know and understand her parents' position. One of the last ODE's my beautiful daughter did was at Little Downham so it all seemed to fall into place” – Nicky McAllister

“From tears of terror I've learnt a whole new riding style, found my brave pants and achieved dreams along the way, all in 6 months.” Cai-ann Felton

“I'm a "one man band" always compete on my todd, so busy getting ready /competing/ tending to my pony after, rarely time to mix with fellow competitors (even before I lost my nerve). Joining the "Wobbleberries" and going to the brilliant training organised, meant I could chat with fellow "Wobblers" and later meet up & support each other at competitions. My abiding memory is the camaraderie at Little Downham 3 when the comp had finished. Through Wobbleberry's I have not only become a much braver rider but also made so many friends - I hope we all manage to keep in touch whether continuing with BE (I hope to) or not. Xx” Rosemary Myers


“We have gone from show cob to eventing cob... laughed .. cried.. kept Charles owen in profit due to how many times I have fell off but I wouldn’t change a thing. An epic experience which I started as a loner to make some very special friend xx” Jane Salmon

“How to describe it? 14 months ago I was in the midst of the biggest flare up of Crohn's disease I've ever had. My amazing horse was in the field looking at a very uncertain future as he had injured a tendon for the second time and it wasn't looking good to say the least. Not the most auspicious start but I'd been following Hannah's amazing story and felt like my problems were a drop in the ocean in comparison! So I signed up to the challenge, couldn't even sit on my boy til May and then only walked for 4 weeks. Got the all clear from the vets, dumbfounded my Crohn's consultant and made it round West Wilts this September! Best feeling ever 😊 “ Sarah Goldsworthy

“ I remember reading a post from my Facebook friend Sally Barr shortly after Hannah Francis died in August 2016. Like many of us, Sally was upset at the loss of such a young and promising rider and such an inspirational young woman. She wondered if it was a crazy idea to set up a charity challenge for middle aged wimpy riders to complete a BE80 in the 2017 season in memory of Hannah. While sympathizing with the intention I felt sure that it was indeed a totally crazy idea and not something at the age of 62 I would feel confident to attempt. So I scrolled on down my FB feed. But comments kept popping up - comments along the lines of "I haven't ridden for 25 years but I'm in", "I need to lose 5 stone but I'm definitely up for this challenge", "I've never jumped in my life but I'll give it a go" and even "I haven't got a horse but I won't let that stand in my way". I didn't really have any of those obstacles so had no real excuse for not joining this foolhardy but compassionate bunch. So I signed up and then enjoyed the best 12 months in my riding life. I met lovely people, had some great training, challenged myself physically and mentally and along the way seemed to acquire as if by stealth a pair of "brave pants"! It was not all plain sailing, there were some thrills and not a few spills. But the Wobbleberry support network, the very generous sponsorship from friends and family and the knowledge that all our efforts were in support of a great cause meant that giving up was not an option. So July 2017 saw me and my trusty steed Alf complete our first ever BE 80 at Little Downham. After I came over the finish line my trainer rushed over to ask me how I felt. Like I wanted to do it all over again - says it all really! Goes to show crazy ideas can sometimes be the best ideas.” Geraldine Phillips

“A year ago I never would have jumped a pole on the floor it has been an amazing journey with lots of highs and lows but the journey has been amazing I have made lots of new friends and although my challenge is complete will continue to be a wobbleberry and support the new intake for 2018” –          Gwen Ward

“This gave me the inspiration to put on the brave pants and push myself into not only completing Warwick Hall and many training days but into developing an amazing trust with my wonderful little horse too.” Katy Clarke

“For me it was “Prepare well, train hard and enjoy one of the best rides of your life ❤️❤️” " Helene Grove

“I'm keeping going and now have been approached about my local riding club sj teams ...my riding has improved and myself and horse are much fitter never dreamed I'd complete a BE class never mind enter” – Sarah Brodie

“The emotion I feel just reading these comments says it all. Hannah still makes me cry but now there are happy tears too, at my own achievement and at the mountains other Wobblies have climbed. I am sure many will agree that it isn’t a hyperbole to say the Challenge has changed lives. Hopefully all the money raised means we can also change other lives” – Jenny White

“A roller coaster of emotions and triumphs.” – Claire North-Lewis

“I enjoyed a massive challenge .. spurred on by the awesome charity and sponsorship.. we achieved so much in the summer of 2017 and made great new friends in the process 🐎😀 Thank you Hannah and the Wobbleberry Challenge” Lisa Mckenzie-Crawford

“Wobbleberries provided me with the kick up the backside needed to stop putting things off and belief I could do it!” Becky Madeley

“It was an honour to take part in the WB challenge 2017. I’d trained with Ben Hobday not long before Hannah left us and this really spurred me on to do the challenge. Through hard work and training I’ve had so much fun, making new friends and enjoying my time on my horse! Our first season has finished with 4 double clears and lots of smiles!” Chris Rose


"This challenge pushed me, and simultaneously thrilled me with the extent of what my horse - and I - could be capable of. As I said to the XC starter at my event, ‘I’ve waited 20 years to do this - I’m off to have a jolly time!’ - and we did! It’s let me see what my boy loves most in life, for which I’ll always be thankful!"

Kirsty MacDonald-Russell

"This is my inspiration, my son Tom and my granddaughter Esmee (his niece). This picture was taken just under 6 months before Tom lost his 6 year long fight against cancer. When I found out he only had a month left to live I joined the Wobbleberry Challenge. Tom had been so brave through this battle with Cancer, and remained brave til the day he died. He was a true inspiration to me and showed me just how much a person could suffer and stay happy and caring to others. If he could do that I could surely manage to do the Eventing I’d always wanted to do but had procrastinated about all my life. So not only was I #KickingCancersButt doing my Challenge, I was also kicking my own, and raising money for cancer research at the same time. Amazing what you can achieve when you put your heart and soul into it! He remains my inspiration and despite completing the Wobbleberry Challenge I will continue with my eventing endeavours!" Catherine Blackmore

"The wobbleberry challenge & Willberry wonder pony have made such a amazing changes to others lives and mine! Highly recommend the challenge to all. Superb opportunity to chase and achieve your dreams and raise money for a superb charity! Can't wait till 2018! I've done 4 be80 this season plus several
Riding club odes and I'm now back on the horse trials, ode and show jumping teams and that would never have happened with out willberry coming for the ride. Once a wobbleberry always a wobbleberry so I'm staying as rep for east region 3 and will be there for all recruits new and old" - Melanie Day

"The Wobbleberry Challenge, well what can I say, loosing a child is the worst thing ever and having lost my own son to sarcoma like Hannah I knew what a lonely club it is to belong to. But The Wobbleberry Challenge changed that for me, it has given me a focus and a purpose and a new found love. I love the buzz of eventing and plan to move myself up to a 90cm next season. I feel like I am part of a fantastic group of people and we really are a family. The Wobbleberry Family and I feel very honoured to be a part of it. Thank you" Helen Kinsella

"So glad I did it! Hannah and the Wobbleberry challenge really inspired me and I got the better of my nerves. I've completed three and intend to do some more next year: chasing a double clear! I found myself smiling the whole way through, especially the XC. " Susi Stacey

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