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Thank you very much for your interest. This is entirely inspired by Hannah Francis, to raise as much money as we can for the Willberry Wonder Pony charity.

We want to create a group(s) that will be supportive and encouraging of each other, and help on the way to the ultimate goal of a BE80 in 2017 season, while fund raising. Originally we anticipated this would be around the 40+ age group, but having read some of the messages, we feel that this would be an unfair cut off. There can be wobbles at most ages, and we don’t want to discourage anyone from raising money and taking part. We do feel though that we have to try and stick to the concept to some degree, so please consider that if you are still young enough to be a pony club member (25 or under), then that would be your best support network, and please take fund raising ideas to the pony club. We would of course be grateful for supporters of any age, and get as much help as possible with fund raising.

We have been incredibly lucky so far to have been offered corporate support and donations to the people taking part in this challenge – as there are likely to be more people involved, we will work out ways to auction these off within the group, so all the money goes directly to the charity. Payments will be made direct on the JustGiving page.

Any admin work etc. involved in this will be done entirely by volunteers (hopefully some of you!sb )

This form is designed to gather information about you, and what level of involvement you would be comfortable with. We also would like to get some background stories, these are more for people that would be happy to be involved in the publicity side. Please fill in the parts of the form you are happy to disclose.

I am sure a lawyer somewhere would suggest we remind you, riding is a risk sport, and that if you take on this challenge, it is entirely at your own risk. If you have medical concerns, you should check with your doctor…. We would also advise members to join BE and make sure you have appropriate insurance in place.

ONCE SUBMITTED, YOU WILL GET A CONFIRMATION MESSAGE ON SCREEN - if you do not get this, we have not got your details, so please email us if there are any problems. Thank you