yay, had a canter

How handsome and kind is this face? I know I am biased but he has such a kind eye and I love him to bits.

I still have a small lump on my back and some pain along the waistline and down the left leg, this they believe is caused by the swelling sitting on the sciatic nerve, this also not helped by the fact that I have put on a stone since the accident so really need to get my backside in gear!

As for the riding I am gaining in confidence all the time out hacking and have no problem with hacking out on my own and have even gone on new routes although we have been sticking to the roads if I am on m own, I have met up with some other people to ride out with and in the last week have hit the bridlepaths with my friends and even managed a nice canter today with a lead so that he wasn't so spooky. I must say it felt very good, the problems are in my head, I am so afraid that he will trip and I will come off again.

Whilst doing all our gentle roadwork I have been trying to work on my position, trying to sit up as my biggest fault is leaning to far forward which is why I fell off in the first place! We are doing longer amounts of trotting and I am beginning to feel when he is going to spook and am more confident in working him forward. He does tend to react to the rider and if they are confident and push him forward he will go, if I sit there and think oh hell what the hell is going to happen? he will back away.

Friday we are off to camp with the riding club at Stockland Lovell and in view of my nervousness I am only doing dressage, poles and lateral work. I would love to do the jumping but don't want to jeopardise all the good work that Naomi did with him or knock his and mine confidence just for being impatient.

I am slowly learning that he is an honest and genuine horse and I feel so honoured to have him, we are going to concentrate on working on getting to know each other and doing flatwork over the winter and hopefully we will start jumping again next year with the aim of concluding our challenge at the Hannah Francis ODE next year. Fingers crossed.





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