Windy day (can’t hear the instructor!)

Well today was lesson day it was a tad windy in the school, so the lovely instructor put me at the front of the ride eg biggest horse the gorgeous Gomez have i mentioned before he’s 17.2 of loveliness. Anyway off we went trotted round on the right rein then down the middle changed rein (think we may have been on the wrong leg not sure couldn’t hear down to the gale force conditions) quite proud of myself when we did sitting trot i had totally forgotten how wonderful Gomez's trot is and nailed it for once, usually its not a pretty sight. Couple of canters round then over some canter poles bit of vocal encouragement needed, then the jumps went up they were smaller than normal but as it was so windy probably a good thing. I did think boy either i’m doing things right or has the instructor lost her voice nah just couldn’t hear her! So we did the jumps (more impulsion needed) but on the plus side i didn’t look down (or if i was i couldn’t hear if i did) and i did a great sitting trot. We finished off with a trot round the gallops which i let Gomez just do his thing and felt totally relaxed on the way round he really does have the most perfect trot.

No idea what Jubilee was doing Gomez looking the other way




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