What goes up, must come down.....

So.....after the great highs of first day out hunting (loved it!) and the first ever jumping lessons (x 2 both horses jumped back to back training) I enjoyed from start to finish, it was back to earth with a bump.....an unscheduled dismount in the warm up arena at BD regionals would not have gained extra points for artistic interpretation....I'm sure I only managed a double flip before hitting the deck.

On the bright side (confidence coaching kicking in, always look for the positive!) I did get a couple of nice photos from the test....so wasn't a complete waste of two days!

Having a complete wobble as to how and why I took the tumble, I knew I had to get straight back on when home.....so planned it....& then the beast from the east arrived and stopped play completely....Do you ever get the feeling someone is trying to tell you to give up this riding lark?

So just when my confidence was rock bottom, I was due to go to Andrew Hoys yard on the Thursday of that week. This was a place I'd won at a Wobbleberries Clinic in 2017, but was unable to go, as I'd broken my wrist, which needed surgery, the week before ( there is a bit of a pattern with me & riding!) I also wasn't sure Oscar, who I was planning to take was 100% right after dumping me ( totally out of character....think of the positive....). At least the weather gave me a reprieve, travelling was out for everyone so the organisor's postponed until April ( Now I have time to get my mojo back, before making a fool of myself in front of Andrew Hoy...always thinking positively!)

As soon as the thaw started last week, I booked a jumping lesson with Pauline Wakefield at Angerton Steads, who, it has to be said has the patience of a saint. Paddy hadn't been sat on for two weeks, and I'd only ridden once since being dumped, so to say he was fresh is a slight understatement....he was tanking! In spite of this, I had a blast, I only screamed once....& I stayed on! Result...at the moment this jumping thing is deffo safer than stressage!

& to top it off, I found out after I was jumping 65/70cm all night. Pauline has definitely got the measure of me, I thought I was jumping 50cm! So 20cm more and we're good to go....looks like the training is back on track!

We topped the week off on Saturday night with a Wobbleberries Fundraiser. 150 came along and we had gin, whisky, wine & cocktail tatsing, followed by delicious food, auction/raffle & a space hopper grand national. Fantastic night, & it looks like with my fellow Wobbleberries Emma Ferries, & Clare North Lewis we've raised in the region of £8000 for our charities.

Definitely back on a high again!

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