What a scorcher

Well what a weekend the sun came out and gave us a rather warm Saturday and we were at Nottingham University for their Open Day a lovely campus and such friendly students.

Then Sunday was spent with guess, go on, you can most probably get it, yes LandS Eventing for their BE event. As usual well looked after by Sue and Alf ‘the muffin man’ its well appreciated by all the volunteers something that LandS do incredibly well. I was in my usual spot stewarding the xc warm up and its really nice when competitors and their army of helpers come over and have a chat. This time LandS was honoured with one of the 80cm Regional Finals i had a friend in this and was lovely to see her and her lovely horse come 6th well done Claire and Obi. Also was great to see 2 Wobbleberry graduates Rosemary and Becki competing, even if i did need to give Becki a special warm up talk! Special mention to my sister in law Tara and super cob Logan they completed their challenge so high fives all round and another Wobbleberry Graduate.

So this weeks lesson on Ebony ............. well ok it wasn’t a lesson it was a hack out but still good, relaxing and a good chat. Just the thing after a busy weekend.

Slight plug for a podcast i listened to this week by a showjumper and an eventer (Muddy Mayhem on facebook) very good (but if you are easily offended may not be one to listen to) its called buckoffbanter looking forward to the next one ladies.





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