We only went and did it!

We made it!

What? I hear you say?

Our first clear round!

But you never told us you were doing that?

Ummmm..... nope. Just in case we didn’t!

We decided that we needed to get out more. Harry loves going out and he loves jumping best.

We had arranged to do dressage tomorrow, but due to an error we aren’t, however, we decided we would go and do the New Year Showjumping at Topthorn.

I would do the 40cm clear round as it was our first time.

An early start, well for me at least, and not feeling my best (damn you Crohns), but we gave him a wash last night, so this morning we loaded up the car, loaded up Harry and off we went.

We were the first to arrive (just after 9 and started at 10), but it didn’t matter.

We went and had a walk round the course, 9 jumps, one with a double.

40cms looked high enough for me to start off with and it was a clear round so no pressure of time etc.

The warm up was outside and Harry was in his own world, calling to anyone who would listen, and he particularly liked a little black Mare called Cilla, who was sweet.

She went ahead of us and then our turn.

I went in and felt a little (a lot) anxious, but determined.

We trotted round and it was going well, I was happy that we were mostly in trot, until we got to fence 7 where we had an ‘oooppsss’ moment. We had temporarily lost our va va voom and started walking. We walked over the first fence (it’s a double), and that was ok, but by the time we got to the other jump he stepped over, but caught his back leg and tipped the pole. We trotted off and continued to do 8 and 9 with no issues. Such a shame.

I was a little gutted not to be getting my Clear Round frilly, however, I didn’t feel so bad as no one did a clear round, with fences down and a refusal, so I felt better then.

Now I could have been really pissed off with myself, and for a moment I was, as I wanted a frilly, but lets put this in to perspective.

I was bricking it about going out and doing something I haven’t done for a couple of years, and even then I did one clear round on Bart, I was just hoping to get there, do my round and not come off, so the fact I had a pole down, yes it was annoying, but the positives outweigh the negatives by miles!


*Harry loaded straight away and travelled well

*Harry was such a good boy all day.

*I got on and warmed him up

*I took him in to the arena and did a clear round, something that we had never done together before (and only my second time ever)

*He looked after me and we really enjoyed it

*He loaded straight on and home

*I had finally ticked off one of my ‘bucket lists’ items.

*it has given me the determination for next time

*the fact I have just written next time


*We knocked a pole down

So in the grand scheme of things I am chuffed as nuts !

My bitesizes have built up from tiny pieces of walk and trot to poles on the floor, to doing a couple of cross poles, and then today putting all the pieces together.

I kept saying to myself that the butterflies were excitement (which also helped), and once I was in there, I had to remember where I was going so I didn’t have time to be anxious, as we had to ‘hit the mark’ over and over and over!

When it was done I was smiling, albeit with a slight grimace about the knocked down pole, but happy that it was a success, so much so that we were talking about ‘next time’...

So if I can, then I am sure you can too!

40cm. Not very high, but high enough to be working on bitesizes for the next time..... and there will be a next time!





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