Volunteering why not give it a try

I am guessing most people have to been to a horse trial and seen the small army of people who are helping the event to run. Have you ever considered about offering to get involved? My advice is go for it every single equestrian event up and down the country could not run without their volunteers.

There are so many different roles to be done from the very important bun run (fence judges can’t survive without cake/coffee/tea) to scoring, dressage writing, stewarding, fence judging, helping the secretary, start team, xc control, crossing steward apologies if i’ve left any off the list.

Over the years i have made so many friends through volunteering and been right at the heart of the action and yes i’ve been soaked to the skin, cold, too hot and thats all in one day! Its your chance to give something back to the sport and if you offer to dressage write a chance to learn what the judge is looking for, if you fence judge you get to see how different riders approach your fence and don’t worry if you’ve never done it before there’s always someone to ask advice or ask to be teamed up with someone who is more experienced.

So if you have even half a day to spare why not contact the secretary of the event and ask if they need any volunteers (some events are very popular so don’t be surprised if they say they have enough)

Volunteering has taken me to some beauiful locations and given me some fantastic opportunities but be prepared for some very long days, extremes of weather and some lovely cakes.



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