Vicky Towers & Bartholemew Blunt



🎉😁🎉Challenge Complete 🎉😁🎉

In all honesty we didn’t get off to the best start and there were tears after the dressage. Mr clever clogs Barty knew when the canter was coming up and picked up early, I decided to leave it and not rile him up and go for some nicer marks in the canter, the next thing I know the judge is ringing his bell for an error of course!! I was absolutely gutted and how I managed to hold the tears back until after I’d left the arena I’ll never know 😢.

Luckily I managed to convert that into determination and I rode what I felt was my best SJ round ever for a clear 💃🎉💃.

Swiftly on to cross country and he felt awesome! The only little hesitation he had was at the owl hole but a few smacks on the shoulder with the whip and we were safely through! Seeing us come home with another clear for the double!!!

So we ended the day with a 40.5 Dressage with 19 time faults to add for going too slow (my thighs just weren’t up to the job of all that standing up out of the saddle stuff 🤣) and double clear to boot!!

🦄 The biggest thanks have to go to Bart, he’s an absolute pro and I know that he knew he had to look after me, without him this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible🦄 then of course there’s Charlotte, the best friend a girl could wish for and without her lending me her faithful steed, again, none of this would have been possible. 👯‍♀️

Then there is Wade Barley for all the dressage lessons, who brought me back from the depths of dispair with my own horse about a year ago and slowly helped me build my confidence up, even if that does go out of the window when I do any kind of competitive dressage 😂. Laurence Hunt for all the highly encouraging jump lessons when I was just terrible 🤦🏻‍♀️ and my favourite grumpy Mr D who I didn’t even dare have lessons with at the beginning because I knew I was so bad 🤣🤣.

🐎 Charlotte and Laura also for their masses of support and words of wisdom for everything especially all the XC stuff 🐎

The ground crew on the day, my wonderful husband who came to support me as always when it matters, Charlotte, Laura, Simon, Ben, Dan, Ben, Holly and even Clare and Ellin who sadly didn’t make it after breaking down on the way but were there in spirit. You all kept me going after the dressage debacle so thank you! 😘

😘😘😘 And last but not least absolutely every single one of you who have shown an interest, supported me, sponsored me, given me tips, chatted with me about it and wished me good luck on my way! You are all awesome and I’m really really proud to have you around me 😘😘😘.

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