Today’s lesson always wear your back protector

Despite it snowing on the drive over to the riding school, i was in a group lesson in the arena so it wasn’t going to stop us. We started in the lesson teamed up with the lovely Gomez (all 17.2 of him) all was going well did some trotting poles, transitions etc. Then the instuctor asked who wanted to jump all of us of course it was going well crosspoles, uprights and small course of 5 jumps i nearly took out the instructor he’s a big horse and she thought she was out of the way! It started snowing again but quite light but lasted about 10 minutes, another couple of jumps done and Gomez decided to jump twice the height of the crosspole, i lost a stirrup, slipped the reins but stayed on phew. Near the end of the lesson we went to jump a cross pole to an upright i wasn’t quite straight we jumped it then he jumped big over the second part i went up his neck and ended up on the arena floor ooopsy with one of the owners Alsation dogs looking slightly puzzled at me.

Now i can confirm i definitely do not bounce anymore. I am so glad that i always wear my back protector you never know when it will happen and you’ll end up on the floor. Also now have to replace my hat as it did come into contact with the surface, feeling a little sore but will be ok in a couple of days.

So anyone reading this please wear your back protectors they were invented for a reason




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