Timing is everything

Well after spending a busy weekend volunteering with LandS Eventing stewarding the xc warm up both days, it was a tad chilly on the Saturday but weather improved for Sunday. Seeing lots of lovely horses coming past, setting off on course and happily coming back together, so many friends competing and lovely to see people from last season again. Minor niggle to the weekend is why when you say to a competitor you’re next that means you have just 2 minutes before you need to go through to the start, they nearly always go off and do another couple of jumps or disappear to the other side of the warm up arena, that then means i end up yelling your number, then you end up rushing to get through to the start. Its really helpful to stay near the steward so she doesn’t end up with no voice by the end of the weekend.

Cakeberry ready for competitors

Anyway can’t wait for the next event also at Offchurch Bury which next time will be for the Wolf Run exciting as its the first one to be held there.

The next LandS date is a special charity one with a pink theme arena eventing raising money #kickingcancersbutt should be lots of fun and a sea of pink outfits, with an extra special once a year appearance of Lloyd Hunt jumping the course this time he will be joined by Henry from 1st Class Images, so if you’re at a loose end on on 20th April pop along to Dallas Burston Polo Club.

Anyway tonight was lesson night, new pony tonight Ebony quite different to Tommy more responsive and hasn’t done a lot of schooling, so lots of transitions and near the end of the lesson we totally nailed them. So lots of positives and getting the timing right but slipping back into a bad habit of not sitting up straight, so need to concentrate on that next lesson.

So will let you know how the pink event goes and will have had another lesson, so until next time, kick on.





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