Time well spent

It occurred to me this week that time is precious and we should not waste it, whether its time spent in lessons or time just being with horses. So what’s the difference between a half hour lesson and an hour lesson apart from the obvious of course! Sometimes a half hour lesson can be just as rewarding and achieve so much in a short time tonight for example, working on transitions again but this time getting them right and knowing when they were going wrong. So making progress i hope in the right direction which having half hour one to one lessons seems to be working and having the right instructor of course helps.

It was volunteers week recently and another example of time well spent, whether its marshalling at a big sporting event or manning a stall at the local fete both could not run without the army of volunteers behind them. So even if you only have time to help at one event consider it, you never know what could happen apart from you’ll meet like minded people and ok you may get sunburnt (perhaps not at the moment), get soaked (yep the wonderful British summer strikes again), get windswept and sometimes all in one day! Was honoured to receive the first LandS Eventing volunteer award took me totally by surprise as i don’t volunteer to get awards i do it because its so enjoyable meeting new people, its great to be part of the action (sometimes way too close!) and there is always cake on offer (who can’t resist a lovely piece of cake in the afternoon?)




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