Things are getting *pretty* serious.....

My goals this week were to:

a) practice my transitions, particularly trot to canter

b) do some cross poles

c) find my balance with my new WOW saddle.

We lunged Harry on monday, and tuesday was lesson day. I love my lessons, but todays particularly because we could finally use the new saddle. I must adnit, its a weird feeling at first and finding your balance because the WOW saddles have such a close contact with the horse, and they have airbags which can be deflated,or air can be added whilst you are sitting there on him, and the removal or adding of air, even the smallest amount can really change the whole balance. more practice needed, however, when we schooled the next day, it felt tonnes better.

Our schooling session was our bitesize chunks - transitions, especially trot to canter, and then..... and this is where is getting serious.....we put up some wings and got the poles om stand by.

I have had a couple of lessons before with Bart, and we did ok, but up until this point nothing with Harry.

We did lots of poles on the floor, and then put up some jumps and crosspoles and we had a go. He was such a good boy, as we trotted round several times, on both reins, and then after we did that, we then had canter on both reins. I was so pleased.

I managed to do my three bitesize goals.

I find writing them down in my Leroy & Bongo planner, its easy to keep a track of what we have been doing, plus it means I

have a plan for working in the school.

Next week my goals are:

a) more transitions practice

b) continue on balance

c) more crosspole practice ready for a pole clinic on Saturday.

i dont think we will be able to do our dressage test on thursday, my OH is still using my car while his is being fixed, so a bit gutted as it would have been our first outing!

Now the snow is back, the boys had a duvet day - hoping we can get out tomorrow and do *something*.





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