They must all hate me!!

And with good reason ..... I have a child's Schoolmaster! Foxy and I, fairly late in the day, took someone's place on the Wessex Gold Riding Club Team. Well, to say I was nervous would have been a slight understatement - the fact that I knew people there was enough to make me go a slight pale green colour, and then add in a course of 10 jumps (!) and having to remember them - well just all too much.

However, with daughter acting as groom (and driver so I could mainline coffee on the way there), we set off. Got there to join the course walk - and then I walked it again by myself, and then I watched about ten people, mumbling to myself all the time - 1, 2 etc (you get the picture). Hopped on my tacked up pony (could get used to this) and wobbled over to warm up! The course was not proving to be easy (80cm) and lots of people were having problems. My turn .... in we trotted,

(low bridge went straight out the window!) and set off. Well, that pony is a total star, I aimed vaguely in the direction of the jumps, stayed on, and only had a slight brain freeze in the middle - and we went CLEAR!!! Totally amazing - I must recommend a child's schoolmaster to everyone - they are so forgiving, and so wise! Never mind if this 'child' is almost in her second childhood!! I need help - and he steps up!

The reason for the title is that I am total cr** and yet, because I have a fabulous pony, I have a fighting chance of doing OK (which must be super annoying). I noticed how many riders there rode SO much better than me, but, because they had trickier mounts, clears were more difficult to achieve. On anything else I doubt I would have got further than about fence 3! Onwards - ODE next ...

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