The sun is shining and something exciting

As i write this blog the sun is shining and how much better does everything feel with the sun on our backs?

Anyway back to what's been going on the the last couple of weeks. No surprises i have been to work and its just starting to get busy for our team in the run up to A Level and GCSE results days (just to explain i work for one of the awarding bodies in the country).

Last weekend i was at Ragley Hall nr Alcester, volunteering with LandS at a fun ride, i had the job of checking riders out and letting them know the rules for the ride. It was great fun we had horses and ponies of all sizes and what made the weekend was the fantastic feedback we were getting when riders came back from their 6 mile ride round the grounds lots of smiles and happy faces, teamwork makes the dreamwork!

After the great weekend i had a very unusual interview for Tokyo 2020 Olympics (yes i said Olympics!) via webex with two very lovely Japanese ladies who had both lived in the UK so spoke perfect English. The selection process is well underway and so fingers crossed i will be lucky enough to be selected, i don't think anything will top London 2012 and being at Greenwich Park but take the opportunities while you can, live for the moment you never know what will happen next. So now the waiting begins and the checking of emails the timescale for hearing whether or not volunteers have been successful starts from September onwards, watch this space for updates!!

Back to this weeks lesson, so ok it wasn't a lesson again, but still gave my confidence a boost we went for a wander round a couple of fields had a couple of canters.

Cheeky canter

Its does you good as i said in my last blog to do something different, not just schooling all the time remember have fun enjoy your horses and ponies.

Ebony was eyeing up the grass

So whats in store before my next lesson, volunteering at Stoneleigh Riding Clubs 2 day event on the steeplechase phase, Wolf Run volunteering and buying a new car.




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