The rollercoaster continues

It’s been a while since my last blog but the rollercoaster continues.

We had a huge confidence boost XC by going back to a course we used previously. He jumped like a pro and we both loved it!! Such a relief as XC was the discipline I didn’t think we would have too many issues with.

Showjumping was continuing to improve and we had an amazing lesson about a month back where I think we could’ve jumped anythin, well other than a 6ft wing, a bad line on my part left Murphy no choice but to stop and I rolled off and landed on my head. Intially I felt completely fine but the results of concussion kicked in about an hour or so later. This was really quite surprising if not a little scary as it was only a bit of a knock. It just goes to show the importantance of a good hat (the old one is in the bin and I’m sure it was the shock of buying a new one that kick started the symptoms).

Because of the concussion (and work being mental) we’ve had a reasonably quite time. We’ve been concentrating on flat work (a compromise as it’s less risky than jumping) but I think it’s paying off.

We seem to be more in tune with each other and have actually had a relaxed dressage test which I enjoyed (I think it’s a way to go before the gingerone does).

So thats our plan, to do more Dressage over the winter, so that he ODE starts relaxed. We will still work on the showjumping but really take the pressure and get back to having a bit of fun, hopefully then the results will follow.

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