Taking a fish eventing - essential piece of kit!

Foxy and I - and the fish but as yet we were unaware of it's presence - and my lovely super groom friend, Kim Owen, all went to Tweseldown for the UA 70cm. Foxy was plaited up for the first time for a long time, and was looking forward to a party! Beautiful hot day, ground a little firm, first dressage test for ever ..... and I forgot it!! Kept cantering hopelessly thinking that I should have stopped somewhere - anywhere really! And yes, I was right, the other side of the arena would have been a good choice. Ho hum, only two marks and I have to say that the rest of the test wasn't great (!). Anyway, on to the show jumping - didn't get lost (hooray), and Foxy cleared the jumps - fabulous! Now to the XC. Decided to walk it again when we got down there - so Foxy and Kim stayed in the shade and I got a blister ... Got on with aid of a handy treestump, and off we went. Foxy absolutely loved it, popped over everything, straight into the water and smiled all the way round. I was less out of breath,

remembered the course and we both finished together (and inside the time I discovered!). We came 9th! Now, where was the fish all this time .... When we got back to the lorry and got out the ice - at the bottom of the cold bag was .... a piece of fish!! Quite happy, quite dead (had been for some time) - a mystery. Realised (after checking with Kim that it wasn't her shopping!) that it must have got stuck to the ice in the freezer - hilarious!! Anyway, it brought us luck - so the moral of this story, is always take a piece of fish with you ....

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