Sun at last!

So the sun is shining and it’s a Bank Holiday - the two don’t normally go together, but it seems that this weekend is going to be glorious!

Badminton on the red button too. Perfect!

We haven’t done an awful lot, but we did get out for our first dressage test, which went ok, except that I couldn’t ‘compete’ because my friend rode Harry in the same class, so no frilly but we got the best mark I have ever had, and considering we went through it two days before, I was pleased.

*note to self* - don’t argue with a dressage judge when you’re just about to do your test.

Our first dressage test


In the meantime we have been having our lessons.

Harry gets a little bit excited when we go over and he insists on being a bit impatient waiting for me to get on, and then calls to anyone who will listen 🙄

We had a really good lesson this week and Harry is coming on really well with his self carriage and getting ‘springy’ from behind.

We then worked on our canter. It’s something I struggle with and I overthink it far too much, but before we can even start jumping together, I need to be able to canter, keep the canter and be able to do it in open spaces.

So we had a canter, and another and another and another. I ‘almost’ got round the entire arena, so I was smiling a lot!

We will get there, I *know* we will.

I looked at all the videos that I had made going out with Bart, my previous horse, to remind myself of what I am capable of. I didn’t dwell on the ‘learning’ moments, but did a compilation of the ‘sucesses‘.

I know what I have to do and I know that we will get there.

Harry and I are still a new relationship (3 and a bit months), but I know we will do this. He’s an absolute star and the more we get to know each other, the better we will become.

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All for now

T & Harry x

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