Strange times

Well it’s been a long time since my last blog and how life has changed is an understatement.

What’s happened since last time had a day out at Olympia which was great highly recommend visiting it, did some judging at Arena events with LandS Eventing. Then just as the eventing season was getting underway the world stopped, I mean literally stopped at least the earth was still turning but everything else in life changed. I have been working at home since the country locked down in the dining room with the occasional visit from the cats (especially during video meetings and making typing very difficult) and dogs. So the riding school closed so no riding happening, the dogs enjoyed getting out for more walks, shopping became a stressful weird experience and the car had a break from being driven everyday.

So slowly now things are being unlocked (best way I can say it to be honest because normal is not a word I would use) the riding school has reopened just haven’t got around to booking yet, hair appointment booked for end of the month and sport has restarted with strict conditions in place.

Looking forward to being out volunteering at LandS Eventing BE event on 25/26th will be a very different event than we are used to with all the guidance in place but as long as everybody sticks to the rules the sport can take place. It will be great to be back out at Offchurch Bury standing by the xc warm up and also to see all the volunteer friends I have missed, lots of competitors and friends who are competing all from a social distance.

That’s it for now, stay safe everybody.




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