Still no riding

My ankle is starting to heal, 4 weeks on and I can just about drive, I am walking with a limp and if I'm on my feet for more than an hour the ankle swells up, it is still swollen and am finding it difficult to put shoes on. So with that in mind Buzz has gone away for some schooling.

Buzz is very green and naturally spooky as well as a slight lack of self confidence, probably not helped by my own lack of confidence but we are getting there very slowly, this morning I managed to drive over and see him and what a difference just a week has made, he jumped some barrels over a pole and even did a barrel on it's side by 2 blue barrels making it a skinny and went straight over them without even looking, this was the first time he had been asked to jump either of them.

He is finding canter work on the right rein difficult, which he has always done and although he is not lame on it he does appear to be a little on the stiff side, he doesn't want to work from behind and is very much on the forehand, he copes with jumping 80 cm easily enough but if we wanted to go higher (even 80 cm is out of my comfort zone!) he would need to work more from behind. After much discussion with Naomi (where he is at the moment) it was suggested that he may have had a knock in the past which may or may not have caused some arthritic changes in the hock, it does look a little bigger than the other one and always has done. Funnily enough my farrier asked about his hock when we first started shoeing him as he finds it difficult to stand on 3 legs, when he is resting his foot when relaxed it is always the same off hind, are these indications?

Naomi recommended a supplement which I have ordered and will start him on once he is home, I will also call the vets next week and discuss with them whether they think x rays would be useful, more expense as he is not insured for vets fees!

Anyway onwards and upwards, I have attached a short video, I think he does look a bit funny or uneven on the off hind, please if any of you have any advice or can see it please comment, sometimes I think I see things even when they aren't there.




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