starting again!

Following on from my last post, Buzz had his hock injected on the Tuesday followed by 2 days box rest, allowed out on leadrope for a nibble of grass, 3 days out in field followed by a coupe of days of walk work only. The vet then came back on the following Wednesday morning to check the progress. He was astounded to say the least. Having had no previous experience of bone spavin I didn't have a clue what to expect and was indeed constantly in worry mode that my horse would even be sound again. All kinds of scenarios were running through my head, but at the forefront was guilt, I felt guilty that I had not picked up on the problem before.

Back we go to the vet visit, 100% sound in just a week, the vet ran off to get a camera to record the progress as he couldn't believe the difference, in just 3 weeks he had gone from unrideable to bouncing. We were given the go ahead to go to adult camp at Pontispool on the Friday, do whatever but if he felt uncomfortable take it easy. First lesson up on the Friday afternoon and we cantered complete circles on both reins, I was wooping for joy, obviously we are going to have to work on building up the muscle as he has been unable to work correctly up till now. We were also managing to do canter poles. Saturday came with show jumping in the morning, doing a little course of 4 jumps at 70 cm, again relief. Afternoon session is cross country, and my little coblet turned into a demon, first jump a telegraph pole, he shot off, lept over it and off we went bucking and squealing, on the one side I was terrified but on the other I was filled with joy that he was feeling so well. This carried on for most of the session especially if something was coming up behind him or he felt like he was being left behind. Sunday morning bit more show jumping where he was very good but when we went out for more cross country he was a little lame in front in trot, whether he had stood on a stone going across the car park or not I don't know.

Couple of days off this week with vaccinations and new shoes and we are now again sound.

I have entered a combined training in a couple of weeks time, a nice 65 cm to see how we go and have also got Naomi booked in to take him cross country schooling in 3 weeks time. This is to help his and my confidence as I have lost it quite a bit and hopefully this will help restore some of it.

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