Slowly slowly.....

It’s been a rollercoaster of a season so far, once the rain cleared and we were able to get out on grass all looked set for us to complete this year. Then our jumping blip took us from jumping 80 SJ and 70ish XC comfortably to not even a 30cm X-pole. We’ve worked our way back up to 70 ish but each time we seemed to have nailed it, we take a step back.

Safe to say Murphy’s chosen discipline would be showjumping, he much prefers a suface and just generally seems to enjoy it more (or more sanely anyway) We’ve also found a new trainer to use alongside my normal one 😀 which should help.

His trotwork is lovely but not consistent (it’s getting better) so the Dressage marks can vary hugely, also leading to frustrations.

Cross country is coming, but this phase seems to blow his mind. He has now got into the habit of running at fences and then running out at the last second so we had a session trying to calm everything down. He went through a stage of doing this SJ, we managed to get past it for that so Im sure we can do the same XC. On a positive he’s amazing at steps, water and ditches😀.

Although on paper we’re at the same place as this time last year my riding has hugely improved, I‘m much faster to react and can catch things before they happen (most of the time) and Murphy is far stronger and more balanced. Confidence has its ups and downs (for both of us) but we will get there.

I‘m disappointed we won’t be completing this year, but no point trying to rush, I’m not risking either of us having a complete loss of confidence again (especially Murphy) by pushing too hard. Instead we’re taking a step back to focus on each discipline separately so we are comfortable and confident in each again before putting them together next season (or when I feel we can handle it). Not the season I had hoped for but we’re laying good foundations for the future.

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