Rhythm, Rhythm, Ryhthm!!!

Fab lesson again this evening, jumping in the school at the yard. Murphy is one of those horses that seems to concentrate better away from home than in our school. Worked on a couple of different exercises including a double. We had a couple of stops, the first because he was concentrating on trying to find pokemon and didnt realise there was a fence, the second was my fault otherwise it was all good. The second element of the combination caused some amusement but proves my position is improving. First time around I took the first one at about 1.5 on the dial (would ideally be about 4) then ramped it up to about 12, Murphys reaction, to jump it like it was a 90cm oxer 😂all good the next few times. Looking forward to the jump paddock opening, I dont blame Murphy for having had enough of tge school 😉

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