On the sidelines

2 weeks after my fall the haematoma on my back is still very large and causing considerable pain so decided to head back to A & E to get it checked it out again. They decided to do a CT scan, this revealed that there was in fact a fracture of the lumbar vertebra 2 and 3, the fracture is minor and should heal on it's own within a couple more weeks as long as I don't do anything to aggravate it.

The haematoma although very large is not pressing on any vital organs so they are reluctant to drain it, this could cause an infection so while it is stable I just have to be patient and let the swelling disperse although it could take a couple of months, regular weekly checks until it starts to go down.

In the mean time new horse Ells is still in working livery and is doing fantastically, really do think he is going to be my horse of a lifetime, he is so willing and eager to learn and seems to just love his job, as well as being laid back and chilled and loving. We had entered the Hannah Francis ODE at Mendip Plains on the 15th July but my friend and one of my instructors has offered to take him round for me, so I will be getting in touch with the organisers to see if they will allow a change of rider, sure they will and it will be great to see how he goes with a professional on board.

As for our challenge, who knows? following a change of horse which I have ridden just 4 times and having been injured for most of the year so far, badly sprained ankle and now by back I am not sure when I am going to be able to get back in the saddle but rest assured I will. The most important thing is for me to get healthy, I will then take some time to get to know my new horse and then take it from there. Hopefully by the end of the season we will be able to get out and have a go at some low key dressage and show jumping to see how we go. I am not going to rush it.

If it means we can't complete the challenge this year so be it but you can guarantee I will definitely have a go next year if I don't do it this year. Goals at the moment are to get better and then take it from there. Just wish my fantastic Leroy and Bongo planner was getting more use, will have to treat myself to another for next year.




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