OMG - NO chickens here!!

Well, if someone had told me this time last year that Foxy would come back from loan (rather crippled), I would lose getting on for two stone, we would commit to be being a Wobbleberry, and enter a 70cm Eventer Challenge - AND WIN - I would not have believed you!

After daughter accused me of being a chicken (she was right), I decided at 5am this morning to message Tumpy Green Equestrian to ask if there were any spaces in the 60cm or 70cm Eventer Challenge - rather to my horror I got a space in the 70! So, telling no-one (except husband in case I never returned), we set off! Well, we had such Fun - the people were lovely and Foxy (who warmed up as usual - hardly getting out of a trot) - was, at 22, still a pro and immediately we went into the ring, he took over - marvellous - at least one of us knows what to do! Suffice to say that we did the most amazing turn in the timed section, I shut my eyes and Foxy jumped! He is a total Star, I love him! Lots of polos (for him) and alcohol (for me!) Fabulous!!

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