Not your usual monthly catch up

Well September has been a bit busy (nothing unusual there i hear you say). The beginning of the month started with volunteering at our local Wolf Run yet again drawing on peoples faces and arms and then cheering them through the finish great fun. The next day up very early and off to Burghley for their fun ride to be the official photographers assistant, just to say trying to get a group horses to put their ears forward at the same time is exhausting lots of chirping, rustling, throwing hats in the air (dodging hats as they come back down).

Cakeberry dreams of Burghley

Not much to report on the riding front no lesson this month lunged a friends horse and spent time grooming a gorgeous little rescue pony.

Then it was off to Blenheim twice the first day was a trip out with my friend Jennie we love a horsey day out and also to support not one but two Wobbleberry Graduates who were riding at Blenheim (The riding club arena eventing competition) and also a good excuse for a Wobbleberry meet up.

Before the action Becki Holmes and Philippa Mitchell

Meeting Oli Townend

Then i was back at Blenheim on the Saturday for a spot of fence judging i tell those fences are huge just look how tiny Cakeberry looks. An enjoyable day spent with a lovely group on our fence spent watching top class horses come past and chatting to a few friends who dropped by.

Very official parking pass

OMG this is huge!

All the fence judging essentials

Finally i was back at Aston le Walls for another day of fence judging a beautiful day in the sunshine managed to catch up with another Wobbleberry graduate Paula Bailey and watched her dressage test before i was fence judging and pleased to say she came 5th in her section so well done.

In charge of fence 7

My fence judging comoany for the day George

Something very special arrived in the post as well, a special certificate for supporting the Friends of Willberry for anyone looking for a charity to support this is the one, its not expensive but helps to guarantee a steady income for research into bone cancer its easy to sign up so what are you waiting for?

A very special certificate

Well that’s it for this month lets see what next month brings.




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