Nice to be appreciated


Sitting in the office thinking what has happened since my last blog, well i volunteered at Stoneleigh Riding Clubs 2 day event on the steeplechase phase setting the riders off and helping with the timing (even got to give one of my favourite ponies a cuddle before they started) saw lots of people i knew which was good. Bought a new car, volunteered at The Wolf Run which was great fun as they had their first under 18's run over a shortened course lots of enthusiastic children wanting to have a go at what they'd seen mum or dad doing.

So this weeks lesson it was back in the school on a different pony, Cookie, was told she was more forward going and quite strong sometimes and yep that was correct. Its good to ride different horses they do teach you a lot, and yes i was slipping back into niggly bad habits leaning forwards, hands not the right way.

Cookie not impressed after the lesson




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