Never ever volunteer ...

The reason for this title is that, for volunteering, I was given a XC schooling voucher ... I find XC schooling absolutely terrifying - only done it twice and last time the poor girl I was with ended up in A&E - not great! Anyway, it was free and it was close - and it had rained so the ground was softer.. Off we toddled. Now I don't think I have mentioned, but Foxy (Brakefield Firefox to give him his proper name) is enabling me to cheat a little - I will come clean! He is an ex-Pony Trial pony that my daughter competed and in his time was one of only 14 ponies to go clear round Withington Pony Trial track - so basically any mistakes are of my making. I am super lucky to have him but I think he is my treat!

Suffice to say, he was such a gentlemen - kept his head up so I didn't hurtle

off, and kept jumping nice and steadily and looked after me! On the back of this I have entered a hunter trial this weekend - 85cm - eek!! Will report back ..

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