My first rosette aged 46!!


After feeling poop for the last couple of days, it meant I hadn’t ridden for two weeks, and Friday I had a melt down.

Saturday morning I woke up and didn’t even know if I was going to ride, but was in my mind to not ride but not say anything until we got there as I knew Naomi was looking forward to it.

My OH said ‘Good luck for today and go and make the most of it’ as he left for yet another 12 hour shift, so by the time I got there I was geared up to ride.

Initially there weren’t many there, but then shed loads of lorries turned up and lots of little people and ponies arrived.

By now I was feeling a bit anxious because there was me, 46 and on a 16’3hh Horse and there were so many ponies and little people whizzing round like they were on ‘e’ numbers (I add numbers at the end!)

We ‘warmed up’ and by warming up I meant walking round and me practising breathing.

By this time there were thelwell ponies everywhere, so when Naomi suggested I jump over a rather large cross pole I was a little bit intimidated.

She put it down for me and we popped over and then we popped over a small straight pole too. When I say ‘popped’, we walked over it.

I was 4th to go in and so we waited in the collection bit.

After a few minutes it was time to go in.

There was a lady taking photos and she asked Naomi if I was ‘over 18’, which was a lovely start! 😂

We trotted round and died a bit, then trotted and died a bit and there was a big loud clatter on fence 5, so I guessed we had knocked it down, so I then totally relaxed and carried on finishing the round as I was there to learn.

At the end the photographer said ‘there will be some fun photographs for you to look at later’. I groaned and laughed and made my way out.

There were quite a few in the gallery and in the viewing area, so I felt like I was doing the walk of shame a bit.

The steward walked over to me and offered me a rosette, which I thought was a bit odd, but I said ‘thank you’, thinking that maybe she hadn’t watched the round or that she needed to go to specsavers, but no! No!! NO!!!! The fences hadn’t been knocked down- we had gone clear. I couldn’t bloody believe it!

Well I might as well have won the Olympics from the Cheshire Cat smile on my face! I made a point of saying ‘My first ever frilly’ in a loud voice so that the, by now, large audience had gathered to see their cherubs riding.

Wow!! Just wow!!

I walked him back through the parking and then it was time to get off and get Naomi on to do her class. She had a great round, but unfortunately a tip of a pole in the jump off, and plus the ponies can turn on a sixpence and Harry can’t, so she just missed out on a frilly, however, Team Lewis came home with one!

I am absolutely shattered but I am so glad I decided to ride. I now have to start making plans to work out how to improve, and trust me, there’s lots of work to do, but I never thought we would be going out and about doing jumping. I thought it was quite something when I went out and did my first dressage test!




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