Muddy, wet and shopping

So here we are again, another busy month started off with volunteering at the last Wolf Run of the year a decidedly wet and muddy one. Fitted in a couple of lessons on Cookie each lesson I’m seeing some improvements in my riding (ok we’ll just gloss over not being able to get the right diagonal in one) and the last lesson totally nailing transitions. At the end of the last one I left the ground, yay, after not jumping for a few months concentrating on control etc so alls good and fingers crossed that’s the next thing to work on.

Had a couple of days at Your Horse Live with a friend it’s a fab shopping and demo event totally recommend it, got to catch up with Hovis and his entourage and got a Teddy the Shetland cuddle (so floofy).

We watched a demo with Sharon Hunt and one of her riders was Karla (aka Muddy Mayhem) found it very interesting and entertaining. Got to meet Jake Tarrant (Little Bentley Eventing) have to say to describe Jake in a few words they would be passionate, funny, committed to eventing. We had a lovely chat about the #buddydontbully message so have a look on facebook for Little Bentley Eventing and join in the conversation.

As the eventing season has finished that means we are Arena Eventing volunteering so it was back to Dallas Burston Polo Club for an event with LandS, it started off chilly and a bit foggy, the fog came down during the morning and couldn’t see the far side of the arena!! It lifted in the afternoon and the sun peeked out briefly, lots of happy competitors and lovely to see some familiar faces even though I had an unexpected trip to A&E with a friend who had dislocated a finger falling off.

What’s in store for next month out again with LandS for arena eventing and a trip to Olympia (which should be a fun day out)






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