Last weekend my daughter and I competed against each other - never thought that would happen! The setting for this historic battle was Tweseldown 70cm UA!

Daughter on a very inexperienced 6 year old, and me on Foxy - my epic ex pony trial pony, now aged 22. Foxy and I excelled in the dressage at with a 23 dressage (faint with amazement), daughter got 25 - now things were getting competitive. I nearly missed my SJ as we were sharing jacket and number bib and the lorry was miles away. So both clear (so far, I am ahead!). The XC was last and we couldn't pretend at this point that we didn't care who did better. Daughter, who is 20, pretty fit and on a young pony shot round inside the time. Foxy and I did our best but with the combined age of 80 we just couldn't make the time (in fact at once point I wondered if my lungs were going to make the end at all!!) So the end result was daughter 2nd, and I came 4th - we were both very pleased and had polos all round!

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