Lynn Iveson & Darragh III

Northallerton (1)


We have finally completed our challenge! We initially planned to compete at Askham Bryan in October but unfortunately I had to withdraw on the morning of the event due to a freak accident whilst plaiting up. A re-route to James Cook University Hospital the fantastic team hand surgery team who managed to re-model me a thumb from what little I had left them.

Duncan also experienced some set backs over the Winter which put our participation in the challenge further into doubt but, at the start of the year things came back together and thanks to the incredible support from everyone at home, my coach Sara Bowe, vet and farrier we were back on track.

We competed at Northallerton (1) BE 80(T), a really friendly and supportive event. Dressage went better than expected but Duncan struggled to relax and enjoy the experience!! Show jumping passed very quickly!! with one unfortunate pole. Cross country was incredible! I was concerned about the ground and the heat so my plan wasn't to go for the time just to try and enjoy the experience. Duncan loved it and came out of the start box with a real 'lets do this attitude'. His enthusiasm made coming through the finish with a clear round an even greater thrill.

So many thank yous owed but the biggest one goes to my horse, Duncan. He didn't know how much this mattered but he gave me everything.

Thank you to the organisers of the Wobbleberry Challenge for all your hard work, this has been an amazing experience and I hope our fundraising helps others as this challenge has helped me.

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