Low Bridge!

I have been rather quiet recently as (a) the ground has been too hard to do anything much and (b) have had to hack out daughter's 'proper' eventer - I did get out of a walk but only once or twice - had to hang on to the neckstrap as rather an unseating bouncy trot! Anyway, today Foxy and I went and had a lesson with the long suffering Tanya Neville - and there was a breakthrough. I have been leaping out of the saddle over the jump as if I have an electric shock from my saddle, which propels me rather too far forward (and possibly downward). This takes me some time to recover from and by which time the next jump is almost there - repeat, repeat and you can see that it is only a matter of time before I fall off!! So, in desperation she said, think of trying to fit under a low bridge - BINGO - I got it!! Fold rather than throw myself forward - SO excited!! (and so much easier!). Onwards ..... (not huge but we're getting there!)

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