Lost confidence

Not posted for a while and I apologise for that, so here goes, trying to get to know my horse. I have probably been riding him now for a couple of months but I must say I am on a huge learning curve at the moment! Thoroughbreds are so different to anything else! Last week I had Naomi come out and take him for a hack as I had some concerns, couple of times he had napped going past his field and it had unnerved me, however, this said it has become apparent that I must relax more and stop tensing and holding the mouth if his head goes in the air and he starts looking at things. Ells is a lot bigger and faster and forward going than what I am used to and having had a few falls from Buzz before the accident with Ells it has become clear that I have had a huge confidence knock, a lot more than I thought. So the plan is just to keep hacking out and concentrate on trying to relax and sitting still and quiet, 2 rides now have managed this and it has made quite a difference. If I feel myself starting to tense I start singing, haha but hopefully we will be able to do it naturally before long. He is such a dude and capable of giving me a fantastic time but it has only been a few weeks and I need to be patient. We will get there!

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