Loading issues hopefully sorted

With my ankle still bad although I can now stand on it, I made the decision to send Buzz away for a couple of weeks, he was supposed to be going on Friday for 10 days anyway, due to work commitments over Easter but with him not being ridden for the past 3 weeks I decided to bring it forward.

Biggest problem was going to be getting there as I couldn't drive, our loading issues have been horrendous on some occasions to say the least, at his worst trying to jump the front cross bar, from rearing up and throwing himself on partitions as you try and close then, almost knocking me out on one occasion. I bought myself a large lorry so that he could stand side-wards and give him plenty of room, it has taken me 15 months of patience and coercion to get it sorted and now load without to much of a problem. However, this was a different lorry, no large windows and a smaller space to which he is used to but I am pleased to say he was on within 5 mins, this for me is huge!

I guess the motto is, patience and time concur all, and the help in the beginning of a professional, local lady Claire Berry and she is the one that took him yesterday.

Now to get some more competitions entered into my planner as hoping I will be able to ride by the time he comes back




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