July sun to thunderstorms

Well July has been a busy month for volunteering started the month at the scenic Offchurch Bury with LandS Eventing for their BE event boy it was hot and sunny. I was charged with stewarding the xc warm up the slightly scarey part of the event, first time i’d ever done it but i loved it got up close with some gorgeous horses including 2014 Grand National winner Pineau de Re who is on loan to Lizzie Doolittle lovely to see another former racehorse enjoying life after racing. It was great to meet Ailsa Clarke who completed her challenge that weekend unfortunately didn’t see her through the finish as i was dealing with a loose horse who had deposited its rider early on the course (nice horse too) and met Rosemary Myers as well.

Next it was off to Aston le Walls for a spot of fence judging we (a friend Sue) were judging the first water it was another beautiful day in the sun watching lovely horses fly over jumps and we didn’t have to fish anyone out of the water.

It did get sunny but Cakeberry didn’t fancy getting his hooves wet

The best Carrot Cake in the country!

Then it was back to Offchurch for some more stewarding it started off sunny but a bit windy, again on the xc warm up with some lovely competitors including a Wobbleberry graduate Philippa Mitchell and her lovely horse Hughie who was apparently a bit jealous when i cuddled my favourite ponio Dilly D so horsey cuddles all round. Then the clouds gathered and the first thunderstorm came over and it threw it down its was so wet i couldn’t write the numbers down on the board! luckily it was near the end of one class but unfortunately for Becki Holmes she had to compete it but so proud of her she did the Hannah Francis ODE came 2nd and highest placed Wobbleberry and then came and competed and came 5th in her section well done.

Before it rained and in charge

Today went off for a 2hr hack with the riding school on Mr Horse in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside something i had planned to do this year so thats ticked off the list of goals, the ground still on the hard side we did lots of trotting and a couple of short canters, we had a paddle in a stream which he wasn’t sure about at first but was fine. Found out he doesn’t much like plastic in hedges (nearly put me in the ditch), logs across gateways, gateways, people with dogs that appear out of gateways! bus shelters, silver roadside boxes, stuff in hedges. Will be aching tomorrow and need to work on my fitness big time but enjoyed it.

Mr Horse after the hack think he was looking for polos

So not sure what next month will bring except for my sons GCSE results, so will let know next month how everything has gone.




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