Jules & Edd Update

Its been a long winter and although we are now supposedly in Spring the weather is definitely being very Challenging at the moment.

I have been quite quiet for a long time due to not really doing a lot and finding it hard to get motivated.

2017 was an amazing year and we need to get our mojo back to make 2018 even better.

With a couple of fantastic Wobbleberry camps in 2017 (run by the very lovely Janice Hawes) under my belt and lots of sessions with great trainers we were getting on great guns. But after Edd bucking me off 3 times it really dented my confidence.

But due to my determination and inspiration #hannahfrancis #willberrywonderpony #wobbleberrychallenge in October we went to a Keysoe Unaffiliated 70cm ODE.

Well what a fantastic time we had:

My first ever Dressage test in a Competition and we got what i thought was not a bad score of 40%.

Showjumping warm up went really well once i decided i could do this LOL.

Once we got into the main arena i rode Edd as best i could but unfortunately due to Edd thinking the jumps were just too scary to jump first time we got eliminated at fence 3.

To a lot of people this would of been a nightmare but to be honest i was just happy to be out there giving it a try and i came out smiling :-)

We very fortunate to be able to go cross country and what an awesome time we had.

We did have 3 stops but again the fact that i was there giving a go and actually went over the finishing line!

Making a lot of noise i must add LOL.

(Commentary saying most enthusiastic rider of the day LOL)

Will try and keep positive and keep practising and hopefully 2018 will be our Year.

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