It’s ok to take your time

Well since my last blog i had a day out at Badminton Horse Trials on the 1st dressage day, if you have never been i would recommend it the shopping village is immense, the atmosphere is awesome and as i was watching the dressage absolutely top class. Of course Cakeberry came along and had a wonderful time caught up with friends especially Downtonaberry.

So i did a spot of shopping and kept bumping into friends, had decided to go on a course walk and would say if you get the chance to go on a Badminton course walk do it. I went on one with Imogen Murray a young upcoming rider along with her very supportive family, hearing how she was thinking of riding the fences, lines she was planning to take but as with everything always having a plan B.

OMG that is huge

Long way down

Two gorgeous police horses

Anyway back to today’s lesson finished work and drove over to the stables, wasn’t feeling 100% so we decided to go for a bimble around the lanes no point in pushing yourself in a lesson if you don’t feel like it. Totally the right decision so relaxing Ebony was chilled and we spent the time chatting, so not a step back but after my last hacking experience felt so much better this time.


So its ok to take your time, do something different, do nothing, cuddle a horse, take one for a walk, sit in the field and watch your horse. We shouldn’t be feeling under pressure to take the next step if you are happy where you are stay there for a while, get really good at it then when you’re ready go for it. In the words of Hannah 'DREAM BIG, FIGHT HARD & NEVER GIVE UP'




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