It’s been a while

Apologies for the silence, it’s been very busy since my last post, helping at arena eventing, volunteering at the Wolf Run, day out at Your Horse Live, more arena eventing, two weeks away in Florida, again more arena eventing oh and a bit of work thrown in too.

Then today was lesson day was on the lovely Mr Horse who was feeling very springy and totally up for it more about that later. We warmed up couple of circuits trotting, a couple of canters then the jumps came out. Popped over a cross pole a couple of times all was going well then did an upright about 60 cm and nailed it felt really good and great feedback from the intsructor. So then it was off for a trot round the gallops (oh boy i’ll be feeling that later) then we finished with a short canter back up, now i don’t think Mr Horse quite got the message, because he thought he should be galloping as he took off with me! I did manage to get some control back and we stopped by the other horses, felt quite proud that i didn’t panic and got him to stop.

After the lesson i popped round to see a friend for a chat and a brew and ended up giving this little guy a groom.

Mucky pony before

After but his feathers were too wet to attack

So next lesson is booked for January on a different horse so hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, enjoy your time off and hope Santa brings you lots of lovely horsey presents.




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