Is it Spring yet?

Fantastic lesson in the snow this morning, the biting wind did make Murphy a little sharp at times but it was still really enjoyable and a huge confidence boost, a good reminder that even if things aren't quite right we can push through.

We used a local private school which meant we had more room to set up a grid as part of a small course which we can't really do at home. I'm not really keen on grids, or even doubles as this is where we have had issues in the past. Lessons like today help us both believe we can do them and increases our confidence. It's sometimes tricky getting the balance between being a confidence boost and Murphy getting the 'It's alright Mum, I've got this' attitude which invariably leads to 'Ah, sorry, I lied'. He was starting to get that today so my instructor changed the exercise a little by added a cross pole on an awkward angle and an oxer to make the course.

Really pleased with how it went, especially has he was a bit tight and sticky which meant our rhythm was interesting at times. It's also good to realise how much my riding has come on as there were a number of times today that 6 - 8 months ago would have made me panic and the only reason I realised was when my instructor praised me for riding through it. He really enjoys his jumping and I'm starting to be able to read him easier and correct our mistakes in good time which means I enjoy it more. I seriously can't wait for the better weather to arrive so we can get the jump paddock set up at home and I can work on my sat nav issues!!!! The picture was taken at the end off the lesson I think we both look quite pleased with ourselves :0)

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