I need a weekend to recover

Seeing as everywhere is still a bit soggy I had to postpone my plans for a XC lesson again and instead went to a local SJ venue. We’ve been a number of times both for schooling and competing so both Murphy and I know it well. We’ve been working on securing my jump position and a conversation about comfort zones my instructor decided to push the boundaries and we jumped higher, wider and more complex combinations than we have in the past. Murphy started to listen more and relied on me to give him confidence over a couple and we did have a couple of stops (my fault for focusing on how big the gap was in a spread). We achieved it all with no major issues and it’s surprising how much easier everything is when you take a step back into your comfort zone 😀😀 .

Sunday was then a flat work lesson, Murphy worked his socks off and showed he does have the makings of a dressage pony. It was a bigger area which suits him better and he relaxes more, meaning we had bend!!! Canter still needs work but the trot was pretty amazing bless him. Must admit I was tired before we started so I hate to think how he felt, had I have realised how challenging Saturday would’ve been I may have thought twice about having the two lessons so close together. Mind you he didnt seem fazed when he was playing with his field buddy, I think he stool it all as a huge confidence boost.

Still a long way to go as I wouldn’t feel comfortable riding an 80 course yet but its starting to feel as though we could soon 😀😍

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