How to put a spanner in the works (for the second year running)

I thought long and hard about whether to post this, as I read other wobbleberries blogs and posts and seeing how nerves affect people’s riding experiences so much, the last thing I wanted was to give anyone a reason not to ride.....but please read to the this does end on a positive!

My training has been going so well this year, the date for the challenge was picked and the training run out at an unaffiliated event booked, and I was looking forward to it. Just a couple of weeks earlier we had entered and won our first ever show jumping competition, so things were looking good...what could possibly go wrong?

I hadn't factored in an early morning run in with an unsecured loose arm on a low loader vehicle while hacking out Paddy, that’s what went wrong.... One minute we were happily cantering along a track, something we've done hundreds of times, which has a road on the other side of the hedge. The next minute, a low loader vehicle which had a mini crane went past, the arm of the crane wasn’t secured, and swung over the hedge towards us. Paddy bolted....and the faster he went, the more he kept up with the vehicle with the big scary swinging crane monster.

It all happened so fast, but one minute we were on the straight, going so fast and me hanging on, and the next we'd veered off into the crop field adjacent, heading towards the hedge line far too fast. I tried turning him, as I knew he couldn’t clear it, and at the last minute he spun away from it, flinging me on to the ground. The last few weeks of sunny weather have been amazing but given the choice of landing on a field which feels like concrete, or mud.... I’d take the mud option any day! Air bag went off so softened the landing slightly, but it still hurt. Paddy had set off for home, but luckily had my phone, so managed to call for a lift back.

After making it to work, and the shock wearing off, I realised the pain was quite bad, and I needed to get a checkup. Id stupidly done what I tell everyone else not to....and moved after a serious fall. I didn’t realise how serious until I got the results of x-rays & scans...... Broken L3 in spine, 4 broken ribs and cracked sternum.... All the above has meant no riding, and limited movement for a few weeks.... which has been so frustrating!

On a positive note, Super groom, driver, coach etc. Carole took Paddy out for his first ever event & got placed 7th! Wonderful Will took the ride on Oscar and totally bossed the 90cm, getting placed 1st.Super proud owner moment! The good news is after my scan yesterday, everything is healing as it Sunday I am going to get back on board & see how it goes. I'm not nervous about riding again, as what happened was just an unlucky accident. It could have happened to anyone, and the outcome could have been so much worse. So..... let’s get back on track, & get this challenge done this season!!

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