Give with the Hands

We've been out and about again at a local SJ comp, I've recently been struggling with remembering a course so I decided to do the clear round as a warm up to take the pressure off before entering the next class, it worked and we achieved a clear round. Two down in the 65 - 70cm and it wasn't the prettiest rounds ever. It did highlight that Murphy really doesn't find this height a challenge and I'm back to feeling comfortable at 70cm, now need to get the brave pants out and increase the height.

One of the things that really stood out was my jump position, especially when I'm under pressure, I tend to tense my back which means I stand rather than fold, I also don't give with my hands as much as a could which then makes it all messy and affects my balance on landing, it also makes Murphy pretty grumpy. So my lesson last night focussed on my position. Repeating a similar exercise over again did prove a little too exciting for Murphy so the bits between jumping were pretty entertaining but the results were amazing!!!! My instructor videoed each jump and we watched them all back in slow mo once the lesson had finished, discussing why I ended up in each position and how I could improv. I just need to remember this under pressure. By securing my position I'm sure we will both have a much smoother ride and enable me to be more confident moving up the height.



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