Getting back on track

Its been ages since my last post, June and July have seen some amazing highs and reals lows. Fortunately I can now see more highs than lows. We managed to get ourselves into a downward spiral, Murphy had stopped jumping which massively knocked my confidence and we had a horrendous dressage outing which almost put me off competing all together.

Thankfully things are on the up, we had an amazing clinic with Harry Meade at the Wobbleberry camp, and a huge donation from the Lions club of Tetbury. We were still having issues jumping so I decided to withdraw from everything and take the pressure off for a while. It worked, I've found the love for jumping again and Murphy has too.

This weekend was when we should have been completing the BE80(T) but we're no way ready. Our recent blip has knocked us back, but has taught me so much, both about myself and riding.

We're now comfortable at 70 again, having to go back to almost raised poles will have helped in the long run, it would have been nice to have completed by now but it would've been an ask even when things were going well. I'm now far more confident in us as a partnership, we're back at the place where we need to push the height again, he's ready, I just need to dig my brave pants out again!!!!!

It's certainly been a challenging few months but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel again. Lots to do still, including XC. If we had a course of purely steps, water and ditches we'd be fine, jumping things is just a bit too exciting for him so still needs lots of work, but then doesn't everything?

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