Feeling hopeful

Almost since I've had Buzz he has been reluctant to canter, struggles to maintain any canter, periods of bad nappiness, hit and miss if he'll jump. He's had long periods of feeling uneven but not really lame. Yesterday we finally got some answers, following his recent schooling holiday Naomi suggested he just wasn't right and that he physically didn't seem to be able to go on the left rein, her vet looked at him and the conclusion was that he probably had bone spavin. After bringing him home, yesterday the vet came and took X rays which confirmed that does in fact have bone spavin and an appointment has been made for him to have injections in his hock next week. All this told I have to praise the temperament of my little horse, despite obviously been in some constant pain he has always tried to please and never been nasty. Hopefully the injections will work and we can get on with the season

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