Feeling concerned

This last few weeks have been quite difficult with the ankle healing slowly but still only about 60% normal but we are slowly starting to get back to normal. Buzz has been away to Naomi for some schooling and riding so that he doesn't have a long time off and has behaved very well. This said, it has also become apparent that with a lot of schooling the issues with his off hind have become a lot more apparent. The vet had a look at him whilst he was away and with his history of finding if really difficult to go on the left rein, his periods of nappiness and his sometimes suddenly stopping whilst jumping. Add that to the fact that he failed a flexion test the conclusion is that he almost certainly has bone spavin. This as you can imagine has put me into a right stressy spin, the more research I do the more confused I get. Arrangements have been made for him to have x rays on his hock next Wednesday to confirm and to see how bad it is and to see what options we have. I have been told that it is alright to continue to hack him but he has had a couple of days in the field since coming home for it to settle down. I've been encouraged by the fact that he came galloping across the field last night when I called him to come in so trying to remain positive.

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