Don’t think your instructor can’t hear you!

Hello readers well today was lesson day and ended up being teamed up with Mr Horse again. It all started well (apart from the rain) getting the hang of this sitting trot business less bouncing about so must be sitting deeper in the saddle which means my lower leg must be in a better position. Anyway a couple of canters and a teeny mention by the intsructor when i swore at Mr H on the far side of the arena for trying to tank off ooops!! We came to do a tiny cross pole in trot well someone forgot to pick his feet up and ploughed through it, second time much better poles where were they started. So another cross pole a bit bigger this time in canter ok now there may have been a bit of hangon mun i’ve got this and Mr Horse took a stride out, seriously it was a cross pole not a triple bar! Then it was off for a walk/trot round the gallops now i was put at the back to make sure that everyone was ok and to tell the lead rider to slow down etc. Now cast your mind back to my last post and the misunderstanding on speed, nothing like that this time but a new trick, two horses in the field decided to have a bit of a canter, squeal, buck and generally being happy in the field. This was as we went past them and Mr Horse seemed to want to join in with them we had all fours off the ground, swinging his backside about and generally being an arse (with me remembering being told off a little before) i had to keep my cool sit it out and swear without opening my mouth! We had a very nervous child with us which meant we cut through the middle track as his antics has given her a bit of a fright, me all good managed to stay out despite Mr H being a bit enthusiastic to say the least.

Before polos and after a telling off for trying to squash me against the wall

After polos much better

So that’s it for this month so far, next month more of the same and a spot of volunteering at LandS.





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