Difficult decisions to make

Since coming home from camp things have been very up but mostly down, it is clear that something isn't quite right although what it is remains a mystery.

Following a few days off after camp Buzz appeared to be sound so we off we set again with ridden work, he has been very good out hacking with no napping, striding out and generally enjoying it, all good.

Last week I decided to have a go at combined training, just the little class 65 cm, the dressage was on grass with an arena marked out in the middle of the field and with horses warming up all around the arena I expected major napping issues but although he drifted a bit to the right and our canter was very weak we managed a 39.8, which I was happy with, positives, we stayed in the arena, no napping and wasn't being silly. Off we head for the show jumping, first in, no horses in the warm up area for him to nap at so was feeling quite confident, nope, 5 attempts to get over the first fence, he was having none of it, he wasn't taking me to the jump and wasn't listening to my leg or wanting to go forwards. Off home we set.

Saturday I had someone out to look at his back as since having his hock injected I wandered if he was un level now he could use both back legs, she said his pelvis was the straightest its ever been, the flexion in his hock appeared to be normal but he did have tight hamstring, so couple of days off and some walking to keep him loose.

Yesterday I had a professional take him for some cross country schooling, she know's him very well and is honest. It was clear from the start he was not happy, she is an excellent rider but struggled to get anything out of him, again he's not going forward, wouldn't jump without an argument and several stops at each jump so after getting him over a couple it was time to call it a day again. Her opinion is he either has something physically wrong which stops him from doing it or he just doesn't enjoy it.

My decision is as to whether I just want to hack in which case he will be fine or whether I want to compete which I have enjoyed even though we have not completed anything for a year.

Not going to rush into anything but it does look as though our challenge for us together is over.

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